How Lah? Unveiling The Secrets Of The Universe. 4 Strategies to a Successful life

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“By knowing who you are, understanding what you have, giving others what you own and doing whatever it takes from the secrets of universe, you will live in days of abundance.”-Min Sing, Serene Wong
  • Decode your life through your birthday and time
  • The 5 elements in your life.
  • How the 5 elements affect your life and business trade.
  • What is Qi Men Dun Jia? How to turn defeat into Victory.
  • Understand the law of attraction and how it can manifest in your life.
  • Control your subconscious mind and learn the technique that is used to treat a wide variety of physical and psychological disorders.
  • Advance visualization of yourself and communication within yourself.
  • Be at the auspicious time, excellent location, with supportive people and effective products or tools for a successful life.
  • How to choose the right time and be at the right place.
  • How to get your RIGHT person as well as effective tools to turn the tide.