How to welcome Fire Monkey Year in your house for The Best Year of all time?

During 15:00-17:00 pm on 6th of February 2016 (28th of the 12th Lunar month), you can start to decorate your house for The Best Year Ever.

  • For enhancing your business or career luck.

Place a zodiac snake coin in the South West location of the house.

  • For improving your network, relationship.

Put 6 bottles of Heaven & Earth Green Tea  in the South East of the house.

  • For your lottery luck..

Create a chest of wealth with 1 piece of  Ten dollar note and 8 pieces of Two dollar notes in South location of the house.

Put your lottery tickets in the wealth chest before the drawing date. Praying with folded hands that you will donate 10% to the charity if your wish comes true.

  • For your love luck.

Place a zodiac dog figurine in the East of the house.

  • For your study luck.

A dolphin figurine in the West of the house.

  • For your health.

A Metal Wu Lu in the North East of the house.

  • For the house.

A jade dragon figurine in the center of the house.


After you place the items, you chant the Jin Guang Shen Zhou (2014 version) on your iPhone or iPad etc.
In Samsung or other Android devices

Or you can meditate with your own religious chant.

Then close your eyes and dream your desired happiness scenes for 3 minutes.

Wish You a Happy New Year!flying star of Fire  Monkey Yesr